Guduca river

National park Krka
December 1, 2015
South Velebit trail
November 26, 2015

Guduca river

Guduca river - lost river trail

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This trail takes you from the doorsteps of your villa through rocky climbs and single tracks of Pisak hill, where you can take a brief moment and enjoy a view on city of Sibenik and nearby archipelago of green islands.

Steep climb to wind farms and open stone mining area of Krtolin will give you a chance to view stunning scenery of Dinara mountain range and valley of Dubrava. 3 km of fire road descent will take us to asphalt road which connects beautiful city of Skradin and Sibenik. After descent to river Krka valley and Skradin, we will climb to plateau of Bicine village and take the bridge over A1 highway. In no time, shores of Lake Prukljan will present good spot for short brake.What follows is 10 km of inhabited Dalmatian bushland.

Canyon of river Guduca will be our next challenge with vertical distance of 100 m in just 3 km of trail. Once we ascend to Raslina's side of Guduca canyon, easy riding begins. Olive trees, vineyards, vegetable gardens will follow us on nice fire road towards villages of Raslina and Zaton, located on west shores of Sibenik bay. Finally 10 km of asphalt road will take us back to the villas. Cca 65 km in length with 1500 vertical meters of ascent. Time required 3-5 hours.

Trail facts

  • Length: 65 km
  • Ascent: 1500 m
  • Skill level: expert
  • Time: 3-5 hours