South Velebit trail

Guduca river
November 26, 2015

South Velebit trail

South Velebit trail - from sea to summit and back

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Our day will start with 1.5 hours transfer to the city of Obrovac, a gateway to South Velebit mountain range. From Obrovac our ride will take us on asphalt road to Modric Draga village..

We will pass near famous socilaist factory for production of aluminium oxide and sightseeing point over canyon of river Zrmanja. Once we reach Modric Draga at sea level 0, hard ascent begins towards Queens Gate region of South Velebit. Ascent is 11 km long with gain of 1100 vertical meters. Trail is cery rocky and dry, without water supply. From Queens Gate, we can take easy descent towards Obrovac or continue along forest carriageways of Lika region towards city of Gracac and main magistral road leading to city of Knin.

From junction near Gracac, we have tackle short ascent towards Prezid tunnel and long descent towards Obrovac. Stops for sightseeing of Zrmanja river valley and monastery of krupa are highly recommended. Queens Gate marks natural border between Dalmatia and Lika regions. Truly amazing experience, where green forest of Lika meet with dry rock land of Dalmatia. Due limited water supply, length of the trail, altitude gain, remotness and no cell phone coverage, we recommend this ride for fit and experinced riders only.

Trail facts

  • Length: 80 km
  • Ascent: 1800 m
  • Skill level: expert
  • Time: 5-7 hours